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Consumer Video

At Video Masters of Pittsburgh, we have been capturing special events for over 24 years. We offer a wide range of video services. Some examples of our location videotaping service include; all types of sporting events, school plays, dance recitals, graduation exercises, special events like retirement, and birthday parties, weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and yes even funerals. You name it and we have probably filmed it. We can also edit your existing video as well. We create all types of custom videos. We also make photo montages from your stills and slides. We call this a Video Expression. Give us a call today to if we are available for your next special event.

Custom HD Video Production

We shoot with Sony High Definition broadcast quality video cameras.

Location Videotaping

We specialize in capturing live events. When filming live events you need to be prepared for anything. That is why it is important to always carry back up equipment with you, have plenty of batteries, tape stock and wear proper attire for the event.

Post Production

Digital non-linear editing suites. We can edit your existing footage and create motion graphic, animations, and custom music sound beds.

Video Expression Page

A Video Expression is a custom video made from your photographs, using motion and special effects to create a unique video for any special occasion. You can also add favorite songs, titles, graphics, slides, and video clips.

Duplication DVD/CD Replication

Full service duplication with custom design and printed packaging.

DVD Authoring

Custom authored interactive DVDs.

Video Transfer

Professional film chain with aerial imager and telecine projectors (16mm, 8mm, Super 8mm Films, Slides and Photos to DVD). Video Tapes transferred to DVD / Any format.

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