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Transfer your Home Movies,
Slides & Photos to video.

Video Transfer

Transfer your home movies, slides, photos and videos to DVD

Video Masters of Pittsburgh can convert any video format to DVD.
(VHS / S-VHS / VHS C / Video 8 / Hi 8 / Digital 8 / Mini DV / Mini DVD)

Not only is transferring your videos to DVD a much more convenient way to view them, it also preserves them once they are in a digital format. Transferring your tapes is safe and does not harm your original videos. After the transfer your videos are returned to you exactly the way you submitted them. When converting your videos we record up to 2 hours on each DVD.

If a tape is longer than two hours we continue onto another DVD. The DVDs are labeled and printed directly onto the disc with the information written on the original tape or what you designate to be written on the disc. Once transferred you can get additional copies of the DVDs at a reduced cost.

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Film Transfers

(8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm, Sound, Silent)

We have been transferring film to video for over 24 years. We utilize a professional film chain with a Buhl aerial imager and special telecine projectors. Using the aerial imager there is no screen involved with the transfer. This means you get the clearest possible transfer. The telelcine projectors are specially designed for video transfers and incorporate five blade shutters and speed control to sync the film rate with the cameras frame rate eliminating any flicker.

This guide will help you estimate how much film you have, based on reel sizes.

Transfer Sequence

All films, Slides, and Photos should be marked clearly in the sequence they are to be transferred.

Record Speed

All films are recorded in the SP mode 2 hour speed for the highest quality DVD.

Film Guide

Approximately - 1600 ft. regular 8mm <> 2000 ft. super 8mm <> 4000 ft. 16mm films <> 1400 slides or Photos will fit on a 2 hour DVD. (For order with more than 2 hrs of film, additional DVD's are added)

Film Order

Your entire film is transferred with the exception of segments that are totally clear or black. Even the faintest Images are recorded. We do not physically cut out the bad spots; the machines are paused and begin to record again when the film becomes good. You are only charge for the actual recorded footage. We also repair any broken splices at no additional charge. After transferring your films are returned to you unharmed exactly the same way you submitted them.

Combination Orders

Any order may contain regular 8mm, super 8mm, 16mm films, slides and photos on the same disc, however, they may not be mixed in sequence.


All regular 8 films should be numbered in sequence, and then all super 8 numbered in sequence. *If film formats must be mixed in sequence a $3.00 service charge will be added for each additional format change.


Any size slide can be transferred. If slides are in carousels or boxes number them in the sequence you would like them transferred. Loose slides must be individually numbered if you have a desired order. Slides are recorded at 5 second intervals. (Group shots are held longer)


Any size photo can be transferred. Remove them from photo albums and number them on the back using a permanent marker or gummed label. Photos are recorded at 5 second intervals. (Group shots are held longer)

Background Music

Easy listening music can be added to you videos or you may provide you own custom continuous running music.


Computer generated titles can be added throughout your productions.


Duplicate copies make great gifts for your friends and family. Any video format can be transferred to DVD.

Video Expression

A Video Expression is a custom video made from your photographs, using motion and special effects to create a unique video for any Special occasion. You can also add favorite songs, titles, graphics, slides, and video clips. VideoMasters Order Form